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Cardiocity’s UK wide NHS England demonstrator known as “Safe2Screen” has passed 40,000 people screened for cardiac arrhythmia. The Kiosks which are located from Lancashire across the country to Kent, work on a voluntary basis with people opting to screen themselves for cardiac arrhythmias whilst waiting to see their GP.

Cardiocity’s founder Chris Crockford commented “We are now finally starting to understand the demograph of people using the self service kiosks and how with subtle changes to their operation we can optimise the system to provide a system that really benefits GP’s with regards their ability to screen all patients attending for cardiac arrhythmia’s such as Atrial Fibrillation”


The RhythmPad Kiosk –  a self service means to screen patients for cardiac arrhythmias

Written by Chris Crockford