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Cardiocity’s Founder Chris Crockford gave a keynote speech on the Future of Digital Healthcare at the Digital Pharma West conference in San Francisco.

Presenting on the future of personalised medicine and the learnings from screening 20,000 people for cardiac arrhythmias, Crockford explained how over the next 15 years we will see a saturation of SmartPhone based technologies that enable us to proactively manage our health.

Digital Pharma’s Warren Drysdale commented “It was great having a small UK SME speaking of their experiences in working with the general public to enhance their understanding of their healthcare”

The conference was attended by 500 of the West Coasts senior Pharma marketing executives.

Crockford commented” This conference really opened my eyes with regards where the world is heading when it comes to social media and healthcare”


Written by Chris Crockford