Cardiocity will be attending the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance Expo, demonstrating the RhythmPad range of products and showing how the technology solves many common problems for GP’s, CCG’s and Mental Health professionals alike. Having worked with the GP Alliance to procure en mass, Cardiocity continues their programme of works to support GP’s in the establishment of abnormal cardiac rhythm.

Cardiocity’s James Otter commented “Working with the Alliance has allowed Cardiocity to demonstrate that it is not just a case of box sales, but installation and operation training needs to be planned as support activities to truly make the most out of such new cardiac technology” he continued “With so many NHS events just in effect talking shops, it is nice to be working with the GP Alliance to really maximise our partnership and our technologies effects on the patient populations across the territories.”

Written by Chris Crockford