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James Otter

James Otter brings commercialisation experience to Cardiocity from his wide ranging experience in the bioscience sector. This has included large Pharmaceutical corporations through to start ups. Recent work has focussed on converting UK science based companies to valid commercial entities. This has involved management change, financing and building sales. James holds an MBA from Insead and is also chairman of Octopus VCT which has £50m under management and whose portfolio includes solar power installations, care homes, alarm companies and non-qualifying loans to new internet based banks.

Chris Crockford

Chris Crockford runs Cardiocity's Innovation programme. Previously he held the role of Business Development Director for a leading Formula1 team and left to commercialise new sensor technology. Using his experience from Formula1 of Big Data Analytics has allowed the company to develop products that challenge the convention with regards patient interaction, data analytics, and patient care pathways. Chris holds an MBA from Lancaster University Management School and has delivered keynote speeches on Mobile Health for the GSMa in both South Africa and the US.

James Ward
Head of Strategy

James Ward provides corporate guidance and strategy to Cardiocity. James brings US market experience and knowledge of the Pharmaceutical sector to Cardiocity. James is a London Business School MBA graduate with business and project development experience focused around technology enabled businesses. An ex Big Four Pharma Senior Engineer with a background in chemical engineering and business development, James has been involved in Cardiocity since idea conception and was one of the first people to be cardiac screened with Cardiocity technology.

Helen Boorman
Sales & Marketing

Helen Boorman brings Sales and Marketing experience to Cardiocity. From a career spanning multiple industries, from Financial Instrument to Luxury Brands, Helen works with Cardiocity's clients to ensure that their systems perform and operate to their maximum potential. Helen can normally be found organising and manning the trade show stands at countless NHS exhibitions demonstrating Cardiocity's technologies to all and sundry. Helen is a self quantifier and sees the mobile health market as the dawn of a new connected revolution.

Clinical Advisory Board

Prof. Hugh Montgomery
Clinical Advisor

Hugh obtained a 1st Class degree in cardiorespiratory physiology before graduating from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1987. He has since obtained specialist accreditation in general internal medicine, cardiology and intensive care medicine. He practices as a consultant intensivist at the Whittington Hospital in North London. He is also Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London (UCL), where he directs research at the Institute for Sport, Exercise and Health. He has authored over 300 scientific publications.

Dr. Sundeep Dhillon
GP & Medical Liaison

Dr Sundeep Dhillon works with Cardiocity as Medical liaison. Sundeep provides Cardiocity with an extreme medicine perspective, providing an insight into how to make Cardiocity's products work in extreme environments.

Dr. Vishal Nangalia
Secondary Care Advisor

Vishal is a Academic Registrar in Anaesthesia at University College London Hospital with a keen interest in MedTech. Vish provides advisory services to Cardiocity with regards market development, other med tech devices and the general growth of the market. Vish worked on the Bellagio Report: Cardiovascular risks of spaceflight: implications for the future of space travel. He can normally be found at the Institute of Sport, Health & Exercise testing himself with medtech's latest creations.

Dr. Simon Rudland
Primary Care Advisor

Simon is a lead partner in an innovative, award winning NHS general practice in Suffolk, Director of the Suffolk GP Federation and Honorary Senior Lecturer at UEA Medical School. Simon has a track record of practical research publishing in BMJ, BJGP, Emergency Medicine and Military Medicine, he is a keen triathlete and provides an honest opinion to Cardiocity with regards what works and what does not within a Primary Care practice.

Scientific Engineering Team

Chris Cheetham
Head of Software Systems

Chris Cheetham runs Remex Software who have partnered with Cardiocity to develop all of the ECG processing software systems. Originally from a games development environment , Chris worked on the team that was awarded a BAFTA for the game, “The Room”. Chris brings with him a unique blend of visualisation coupled with data processing highly relevant for tomorrow’s medical device market. He is a qualified pilot and the original developer of the Unity FS Flight Simulator.

Cosima Gretton

Cosima Gretton is a medical futurist and Cardiocity's inside woman at Singularity University. Cosima undertook the 2014 Singularity Graduate Studies Programme. During her tenure there, Cosima began working on Cardiocity's strategy for sustainability and future tech embodiment. Cosima graduated from Oxford University with a first class degree in Experimental Psychology before continuing on to study medicine on the fast-track programme at King's College London. She is the founding director of AXNS Collective, a science communication and public engagement company, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Arts Council.

Phil Clemson
Head of BioMedical Physics

After completing a PhD in Nonlinear Biomedical Physics in October 2013, Phil worked on data from a range of living systems at all scales, from cell membranes to cardiovascular and brain dynamics. He went on to develop theories of the mechanisms that generate these signals to obtain a better understanding of the data and to build more accurate models of these systems. Phil joined the team at Cardiocity to lead the groundwork research as Head of Biomedical Physics. Finding solutions to medical problems in a real world context has always been a strong motivating driver for Phil.

Ross Upton
Clinical Research Fellow

Ross undertook research with Cardiocity in 2012, trailing an ECG screening device at Ashford and St Peters Hospital. Ross was then offered a place on the NHS clinical scientist training program, specialising in cardiac imaging and became a clinical research fellow at the University of Oxford in 2013. He is now undertaking his PhD at the University of Oxford in partnership with Cardiocity. Ross' area of research is specifically targeted at combining biomedical imaging and machine learning technologies to provide novel insights into clinical data. Ross is currently applying these technologies to cohorts including hypertension, coronary artery disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and pre-term neonates with the aim of screening for subclinical disease to enable earlier prevention.