Cardiocity ceases trading on the 31/07/20
On the 31st of July 2020, Cardiocity Limited ceased trading. 

We kept the company going until we had fulfilled all the warranties of every product sold.

We built a 100% UK made, CE certified, ECG screening device and sold it into the NHS, 
but the burden of working with the NHS was just too great. 

We made the mistake of trying to connect our ECG device via USB to NHS Windows computers. 
Every upgrade to NHS Windows computers led to our read/write permissions 
(needed to write or print the PDF files of the ECG's acquired) being revoked, 
leading to floods of support calls that were out of our control.

It did not help when the head of NHS England championed an American competitor over domestic 
NHS funded technology, especially when the competitor device sent all the NHS patient 
ECG data to the USA for the company's commercial gain. 

The NHS Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN's) who promoted this US device 
procured 5000 US competitor devices and just 10 UK devices.

SBRI Healthcare, (an innovation funding service now run by the AHSN's) funded Cardiocity's 
2015 R&D programme investigating the potential to measure Blood Pressure through the hands.
Sadly the same programme funded Cardiocity's sensor supplier, Plessey Semiconductors,
 £1.1m to create a copycat device using the same sensor technology.

When the NHS NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) ran their 
evaluation of Atrial Fibrillation screening devices, they would not accept our clinical papers
that showed our specificity and sensitivity as our product could operate in 6 lead mode,
when all the others could only operate in 1 lead mode. 
We had to withdraw from the programme.

We did however screen over 100,000 NHS patients for their heart's rhythm.

But sadly that wasn't enough.

The NHS is not open to innovation. 
It is a Post Code Lottery Illness service.
Where bureaucracy and paranoid ineffectual middle management run rife.

We tried. 
Our only mistake was not to fail quicker!
On to pastures new..