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The RhythmPadGP is a simple USB connected lead1 and 6 lead screening tool. In under 30 seconds the subject’s lead1 and 6 lead ECG may be obtained and analysed giving instant outputs ranging from Sinus Rhythm to Atrial Fibrillation through to Right Bundle Branch Block. The RhythmPadGP makes screening for cardiac arrhythmias extremely simple and …

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The RhythmPadGP can link through Cardiocity’s CAR7 data exchange suite to any Android or Window’s phone, providing instant cardiac analysis of the subject’s leadI or 6 lead cardiac performance. The CAR7 data exchange allows users to hook up the RhythmPadGP to a SmartPhone, which may be used to co-ordinate and broker the data from other …

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The RhythmPadKiosk is designed to be located in a public health facility, providing instant analysis, within 30 seconds, such that patients may screen themselves whilst waiting to see a clinician, or simply for opportunistic screening of the public. The results of the screenings may be displayed on screen, sent via email to a specific clinician …

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The RhythmPadCloud provides instant data exchange to our secure servers in the Cloud. All ECG data is encrypted and can be stored in the cloud for Clinical Trials usage, GP Practice or Hospital data management. Comparative analysis is provided between multiple algorithms located in the cloud, so instantaneous second opinions may be achieved for all …

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